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About is a simple site. We use our technology to make finding a hotel easy.

We think that the single most important factor for any any hotel search is location. Whether you are a business traveller, holidaymaker or backpacker - location is key.

Of course there are other important considerations (notably the price) - but if you think about it these kick in after the location has been decided.

So we built to easily help find a choice of hotels by location. Any location! We are quietly proud of our search. It can find hotels by street, landmark, tourist attraction, postcode, zipcode... in fact anyway you can think! Go on give it a try. We know its not always 100% perfect, but we are constantly refining our methods to improve the whole experience.

Our search uses a mixture of technology such as the Google Maps and Places API (amongst others) to provide locations and listings. If you notice any errors or omissions, please get in touch, we will aim to rectify these as soon as we can. is still relatively new and - whilst we find our feet - we won't be accepting direct hotel listing submissions (sorry!).

If you want to let us know what you think then contact us or tweet us. We always appreciate feedback.